About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Nadia Pries, I am a 33 year old mother of 3, currently homeschooling in the middle of Canada, in the great Canadian Prairies along side my amazing Husband of 11 years. 

There is a lot about me, but also not a lot, ha ha! I moved to Canada from Portugal at 2.5 years old with my dad, mom, and sister. I grew up with God being the center of my life. In family life, private christian school, and church, he was the only constant in our very fast paced life. 

I was someone who learnt quickly, if it was anything artistic or musical, I had learnt the grasp of it quickly. I grew up dabbling in guitar, piano, drums, singing and song writing. I taught dance at my church and went from learning at the university of Manitoba to helping teach alongside my teacher. I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, but knew being a wife and mother was end game for me. 

Growing up with immigrant parents, a lot of our younger years were working hard, watching our parents do multiple jobs while struggling to teach my sister and I, and help us when it came to english and school, but they never gave up and gave us all they could and were simply amazing. While my sister grew up to always be certain in her path for education, and being one of the most smartest people I know, I kept jumping from one thing to another. 

After an Art certificate at the U of M, an architectural drafting technician diploma,  Early Childhood Education level 1 certificate, and Hairstylist Red Seal, the only thing that felt right and that I was 100% certain of, was being a stay at home mom. 

My husband Trevor and I spent a few days talking about our future more in depth when I was pregnant with our first kiddo, and having a mom who was home for my husband was a blessing.

Being that I was raise with two working parents, scratch that, two OVER worked parents, I wanted to be available to my kids and give them what I lacked and what my husband was blessed with. 

Fast forward 7.5 years later and we have 3 wonder kids, a husband who has been working from home for the past 3 years, and I get to homeschool our children. I’m blessed to have gone down so many different paths in my life to be able to use them all to teach my children, understand them, and still do all the things I love without restraint. It is a blessing I do not take for granted, knowing it’s more rare to be able to have this life style. 

I had my doubts, don’t get me wrong, with society pushing hard for women to get out the door and be girl bosses, I was jumping at the chance to stay home and do what came far more naturally to me. It took a few growing pain years and Gods discernment for me to realize the beauty and gift of this opportunity, but now, finally, we are all thankfully home. 

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