Social Media Burnout!

Lets for a moment, put aside the fact that the world around us feels like it’s burning. Everyday a new horrible thing is happening, and social media would not be living up to its name if every new horrible thing wasn’t plastered all over the media for every social body to see it.

I tried the entire month of February to be off social media, but half way through, and after all the calls, texts, emails, and links shared to tell me just how bad February was, I went on two times to share my thoughts on the matters at hand and encourage those around me to not lose faith, but turn and lean on Jesus. Despite my two slips to see what was really going on, and to come back 2 days earlier, it was an amazing vacation, and one that left, what I hope will be, a lasting change on how to deal with social media.

For one, I have never had so much time in my life. School work was more productive, house work was done sooner, we had more time to visit family and friends, and I didn’t need so much recharge time like I once did. I caught up on all my shows, got further along in my case studies for Aromatherapy, designed my own logo, and even had time to start my own website.

The break from social media showed me just how much time I spent scrolling through everyones life, that I was forgetting to live my own. While there are many people who know how to do both, and well, I was someone who needed to step back and see what I was lacking. I sat more and enjoyed my children telling me stories rather than being distracted, I was able to serve my family more with my time because I had far more to spare. I was also able to do things without the stress and anxiety of “but is it trendy?” when it came to changing my hair colour, moving furniture around in my home, changing up a few homeschooling options, some of my new hobbies, and even how I dressed.

Without feeling the need to post or compare, I was able to enjoy my choices and the things that made me truly happy. The time for my family, my mental health, physical health, and spiritual health all benefited from realizing I was having social media burn out.

My advice is simple, first pray on it and let the holy spirit guide you in discernment, making sure you’re doing it with the right intentions and that he will reveal what needs refining in those few hours, days, weeks, or even months of turning away from a screen, and turning to God.

Be well my friends, and be blessed.

xx Nana (its not pronounced NA-NA like grandma but na-na as in ba-NA-NA, fun fact its been my nick name all my life <3)

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